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"how many drivers have no idea how to top-up the jets, check the tyres etc."

A former IT colleague of mine was once asked by a young lady in the "user" category whether she should do something about the fact that the red "oil can" symbol was showing on her car (well, cars are kind of technical so the IT guys are naturally the first port of call). Of course, he said she should either add oil or go (cautiously) to her preferred garage straight after work. I think he may even have offered to go and buy some oil and put it in for her during lunch-break. She said no, it was fine, she'd go to the garage after work.

Several months later, she told him that she'd just had the car serviced and they'd "dealt with the problem and the red light had gone out". She was really excited - "it's really quiet now and it feels like a new car"!

Cue facepalms in the IT office...

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