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ive learned the same lessons, but the problem with this is that the worst users will say "yes im doing it im doing it" when they dont actually listen to what you are telling them in the first place.

Yep. I've posted something like this fairly recently I think - I've often been watching a user either remotely (via TV/Skype desktop sharing etc) or even behind them watching. I'd tell them to click on a certain icon "second from the top left" or something like that, and have them a) move their mouse to the bottom right and try to tell me it's top left and-or b) tell me there are no icons on the top left.

Then there's the ones who, as soon as a message comes up, they close it even when you tell them explicitly "Now this time please don't close that message, I need to see what it says, now, click on the icon to start the program and, no you closed that message again. please leave it there so I can read it. Now, clicks on the icon to start the program and DAMMIT! Don't close that fucking box. Now, start the program and... And some who deny closing the window that I've just watched them close. One who often does a "I'll just click on this and see what it does" while I am telling them NOT to click on anything unless I tell them specifically to do so.

Hmm.. ISTR a BOFH episode where the ENTER or RETURN text was actually a series of conductive tracks, giving decent jolts to anyone using it.. Wonder if I can rig something similar to some of these user's mice. Click the wrong thing, get a virtual slap on the hand - with real pain and (if the jolts are fun enough) real loss of bodily control!

Icon -> Me? I'd never do that.. Honest!

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