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i doubt its made up. people can be stupid, arrogant and beligerent. i had to have someone send me a picture of the back of their pc so as i could put a ring around the vga socket on the pci graphics card (in paint) instead of the motherboard graphics card and send it back to him, even though, after 15 minutes of them calling me all manner of things and insisting that it wasnt there and that the pc wasnt working (he's plugged the monitor into the motherboard vga socket instead of the pci graphcs card, it wouldnt display from that port. i knew trhis was the problem from the minute he phoned me, but he wouldnt have it)

he even blamed me afterwards for not being able to point it out over the phone. theres only so many ways you can tell someone to look for the same colour, same shape socket but a bit more towards the floor on a piece of real estate that is at best about 20 cm by 40.

the guy is an fucking idiot and his behavior is always like this, its never his fault whatever happens (he decided to upgrade 2 of the office machines to win 10 against my advice, and all the file shares and security went to shit, as well as the network card disconnecting randomly until new drivers were released about 4 months ago...would he let me change the network card? would he f*ck) , but most importantly, he doesnt actually listen to what you are telling him and just blames you for it not working instead of maybe realising that it is his fault.

i think this is why you are getting the downvotes

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