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Back in the early 80’s when Amstrad PCW word processors were just coming into fashion, I was a lecturer at a company training college (days when training was taken seriously). The college had been earmarked for closure as part of a corporate re-structuring exercise and many of the staff were busying themselves applying for other roles both external and internal.

The last course was underway and, during a tea break one particular morning, the course lecturer stormed into the staff room furious at all and sundry demanding to know who had been tampering with his CV on his PCW. No one owned up to anything. After calming him down and several of us visiting the offending computer, it turned out that he had left the machine running to perform a spelling check while he took his class. With the unsophisticated spilling chucker in ‘automatic change’ mode it naturally converted the first 2 words it came across into ‘Curious Vitals’, quite appropriate really.

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