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Sounds very similar to "using a rental car"

I drive a Toyota. You've seen one Japanese car, you've seen 'em all. All the functions are in pretty much the same place no matter what year, model or manufacturer.

However, the big US rental agencies have contracts with the big US car companies. Who like to play the Microsoft UI game with their controls... Every US rental car I have ever been in has taken me at least 10 minutes to figure out the controls. Headlights? On a stalk, on the dash, pull, twist, never the same twice. Don't even get me started on the climate control or where the release for the bonnet (hood) and gas tank flap would be. I've wasted more time looking for those...

And then, there was the car my daughter bought from the rental company. A Toyota Yaris (great little car), which she and I drove from Los Angeles to Boston. All went well, until we hit New York. That was when we discovered that they don't use antifreeze washer fluid in California. I love these father-daughter bonding trips. No one died; we didn't even come to blows once. :-)

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