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Yep, one could argue that the problem was equal on both ends of the phone.

As for the dingbat thing, too many people in IT are far too inclined to look down on people who don't happen to care about IT. There are many skills and talents required to run a business. The 'talent' to sit down all day doing a mind numbingly boring repetitive task may not be well regarded, but the output may be just as vital as any other aspect of the business, and the people who have the mindset to do it should be celebrated, not least for making it possible for folks like you and me not to do the tasks...

In DOS wordperfect days I recall an aggrieved user agressively complaining down the phone one morning that since I'd looked at her PC all she had left on the screen were random letters. On visiting site I turned up the brightness so that more than the highlighted letters were visible. Doubtless the cleaner had accidentally tweaked it. But I was reminded of this yesterday reading some oral history from the Korean War in which a pilot was telling the story of his gunsight problems... While he was complaining to his senior officer about how difficult it was to do ground attack without a decent gunsight an NCO came in and said:

"We've found the problem with your gunsight sir"

"Poor maintenance"

"No, sir, we've turned the brilliance control up for you"

Nothing changes...

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