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User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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A colleague once spent about 40 mins on the phone to someone who was insisting the menu on their (DOS 3.31) screen "was different to how it normally looked". They confirmed several times that the PC base unit was definitely on ("yes, there's a green light and a flashing green light..."), the screen was definitely on ("yes, there's a green light. No, it's not orange..."), there was definitely a "C:\" prompt on screen and a flashing cursor, etc.When he asked them to check the cables in the back of each we heard him say about 5 times that no, there must be some mistake, there should be 2 cables plugged into the back of the screen...

Yes, you got it. No power cable in the monitor. Cue innumerable expletives when the phone was put down.

Quite how the screen *definitely* had a green light and *definitely* had a "C:\" prompt is still a mystery 20 years later!!

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