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TfL to track Tube users in stations by their MAC addresses

Captain DaFt

"It's nothing of the sort. It's not anonymous at all, being tied to your network traffic and location."

So you're saying that:

"XXXX XXXXX who owns an iPhone 7, mac address 00:1a:c2:7b:00:47 takes the 7:15 commuter bus from Tally Ho subdivision station to downtown Abes and Stalping junction station near the Cremel Building weekdays.

Normally sending emails related to business with Cremel industry's IT dept., or surfing under the username "Boo-dah" in route.

Then normally uses the same station to return to the Tally Ho subdivision at 21:15 mon-thur, normally texting Mrs. XXXXX at 121 Foxing St.

On Fridays the 23:00 from Kipling station is used to return to Tally Ho Subdivision station after receiving two or more texts from Mrs. XXXX at 121 Foxing St.

Might actually be used to figure out XXXX XXXXX's real identity?

Surely not!

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