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"I do security. I have done security at a very large bank. You'd be surprised."

I remembered another instance of Co-Op security going wrong last night.

About 12 months ago I went to do online banking, put in my details and I'm told to register for online banking. I've been with them for nearly 10 years, so I was confused thinking why do I have to register for online banking when I have always had it?

So I'm on the phone to their customer service team who are always very helpful, and I get told that I have to register. Not re-register, not unlock my account, I have to register. So I tell the lad that I'm already registered, and I can hear him click and type and he says "No sir you've never registered for online banking". I refute this, telling him I've been registered for 8 years without a problem. So he goes through security (obviously trying to make sure it's actually me he's looking at) and he again said that I've never been registered.

I get registered/re-registered, and the problem hasn't happened to me since. But when you say what you've said about the security in banks and there being one generic general computer, no I'm not surprised at all.

If only I could do bank transfers from the money under my matress!

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