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GSMA: 5G at risk if governments don't get their acts together


Yes, agree. Screens are too small to do any serious reading on (ESPECIALLY for older eyes), for long periods of time and that involves a lot of moving the screen around.

And if anyone suggests getting a phablet, that is out the window. Some of us want a phone and to do serious reading, we get a 10" tablet (or fire up a laptop, notebook, etc.).

In my case, I would really...... reallyyyyyy.... love to have a 5G phone so I can watch videos (not games but useful ones such as for NFV, SDN, AWS re:Invent, Azure, Splunk, TED Talks, and on). And I download a lot of WPs and sometimes I'm in a hurry, so, I want them faster. Waiting to get home on a larger/faster form factor is not the point.

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