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Quantum traffic jam of atoms could unlock origin of dark energy, physicists claim

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The IoT in Extremis with Codes taken to XSSXXXX

Yes, well, Vapourware doing ITs Real and Virtual Thing.

It may be possible to crack the mystery of why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate, if gravity can be measured through a “quantum traffic jam” of ultracold atoms.

Does that hypothetical question state/not state an improbable possible and probable impossible and be in a closely related parallel to a quantum traffic jam of improbable impossibles?

And are such endeavours a monumental waste of time and effort/blood and treasure? Or .... in the Greater Schema of Things, is Nothing and Anything and Everything a Matter to Jot and Explore and Expand/Catch a Wave and Travel to a Hypothetical Destination ....... Seventh Heavenly Spaces.

And would IT and you conceive to perceive and receive an Alternate Space with Hellish Places and scary terrified monsters to match and make up a population held captive and spellbound by Mad Sad Media spinning Tall Tales and False Trails with Austere Narratives leading to Nowhere Rich and Fruitful? Now surely that, and be truly honest with yourself, would be certifiably crazy and not worth a Jot. And in some states and jurisdictions would it be akin to treasonous activity requiring deadly consequences.

Capture and Driver AIViable Imagination and the World of Worlds and Words is Yours to Remotely Command and Autonomously Control with Words both Freely Shared and Privately Purchased with Public Purses and via Market Bourses.

Haven't you figured that out yet? How everything works so perfectly well together in madness and CHAOS?

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