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Testing times: Between some IoT code and a hard place

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Some OSes like VxWorks have long had nice facilities for post-mortem debugging. With that you can write your software to log various things in a circular buffer, as well as a ton of OS / task runtime scheduling data. If it ever goes bang you simply connect the debug environment (or extract the buffer content somehow) and see what had happened in the time leading up to the crash. Very nice. And being a nice, tidy, tiny OS makes it well suited to an IoT device.

And you can achieve similar results with Linux these days; stuff like FTRACE and kernelshark spring to mind. Maybe Linux needs more resources to run than VxWorks, and this matters a lot for price conscious consumer products.

These are all nice things to have, but in microcontroller land we don't really get an OS. We know we want that kind of post mortem capability, but it's a pain to have to develop it all oneself.

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