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Your statement is unsupported by evidence:

this supposed "privacy" application requires Google services so that it can collect usage stats, as mentioned by the "developer" in one of the discussions as to why he won't allow it to be distributed on F-Droid.

The reasons for the developer (not a "developer", as this would be somebody who pretends to be a developer, but isn't) for not allowing his app to be distributed on F-Droid were quite different to what you're trying to make them to be. I don't remember exactly what he said, but his objections were that given the real world situation, he'd rather go with one (untrustworthy from the point of privacy) platform, i.e. google, than let his app be exposed to numerous, and harder to track vectors of attack if it were to be distributed via F-Droid. I can't comment on the actual operation of the app, which relies on google services.

Nevertheless, one can still question the whole point of making a privacy app - and letting it run on the back of the most blatant violator of privacy in modern days.

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