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HP Elite x3 phablet: The three-in-one business has been waiting for?

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The DeskDock is more of a marketing jargon to me. I am personally among the first buyers of world's first smartphone aka Sony Ericsson P800. P900 came wit a cradle having nothing but a connector inside a plastic piece. In 21st century these feminine jargons no more have space.It could/should have been just like a USB wire, may it be little fat on one end to house the extra electronics but a dock.. no no no. Also the dock is just a collection of connectors so again it should just be cable with replaceable heads or split ends. And £109 excluding VAT is insane and will also inflame the wars like XBOX PS4 camera bundling and not bundling. I am sure the Block-2 of this F-35 Lightning will be more realistic.

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