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In fairness, I think the transfer of info must have been rushed and not a lot of follow-up questions. I'll bet the 720 drives is accurate so working back from there is how they got 20 drives per tray (which is incorrect). It appears obvious that there will be 360 disks out front and 360 disks out back in those 1U trays each of which hold 12 disks. Regarding the 5, 7 controller heads.. .with the drives taking up 30U , the UPS take up 3U, the controllers take up 3U.. 1U service drawer, they have 37U accounted for. Current box is 3U for UPS, 6U controllers, 32U disk, 1U service drawer 42U in total. New box appears to have 5U for additional controllers (and maybe other things). Imagine one of the goals would be N+2 on controller heads. POC is an even better story: "Go ahead and pull cables to two controller shelves." Customer: "We lost a controller." ... "okay, we'll be out next month to fix it."

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