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As luck would have it...

...I've finally lost my trusty Blackberry Z10 (choke, sob) and have to bite the bullet and go back to Android. (EE palmed me off with a Samsung A5 with, I assume, Samsung's crappy app stack -- at any rate, the apps and UI were utterly shite, and I found the thing so frustrating in daily use that eventually I lost my temper with it and deliberately smashed it to bits, which was _very_ satisfying.)

So I'm looking at this and thinking that whilst £200 is a lot more than I'd LIKE to pay for a phone, it's clearly much better than £500+ for some obnoxious phablet or (shudder) iPhone. Trying to think of showstoppers before shelling out for one... can anyone help?

- does it support USB mass storage mode, or that horrible Windows-only bastardisation? (I'm on LInux.) If so does that cover the on-board storage as well as the SD card?

- are wifi hotspots standard issue these days? It goes without saying that it'll do that? I don't have fixed line internet at home, I've managed quite happily just tethering to 4G phones for the last 3.5 years)

- non-replaceable battery is a bit crap. I really appreciated being able to carry a ten quid spare power cell around with me for the BB (which had particularly terrible battery life). I don't need 24h, I need ~11h - enough for my commute and a day at work with moderate use.

- Cyanogen Mod. I know very little about this except that it's a Free /open Android fork, but I had some vague idea the project was on it's last legs and likely to fold. Will I be left without support if so?

- do WF push security updates promptly? That was another thing I hated about the Samsung -- EE didn't push a single security update that I noticed in the six months I had the wretched thing.

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