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I picked up the WF Storm at the start of the year and have been really impressed with it so far... but it does have some shortcomings.

1: Support is pretty bad compared to the swift

2: OTA updates often don't work unless you jump through hoops that involve removing all sim cards as well as SD cards.

3: Camera is great but has problems with the auto focus that make it very difficult to take quick snaps.

4: Microphone is dreadful when in a case... and no the case doesn't obscure the mic, in fact there's at least 4-5mm of space all around it... often you can only use the OK google function from 2ft or less and often only after removing it from the case.

5: Fixed battery... never liked it and this is the first phone I've ever owned that has one.

6: Sound quality is pretty dire with just a single rear speaker.. even the Moto G had front facing stereo speakers so this is a big fail in my book.

But releasing a new model every year is pointless to me, after 10 months I'm not even considering a replacement and on average make my phones last 3yrs.

So if they're still about in 2018, I'll be sure to check out whatever they bring out then.

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