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@Tom Paine..

When you're done being a judgmental idiotic, put down your Daily Mail and listen while I explain a few things about him.

He spends every Saturday, whatever the weather, getting himself up at 6am, volunteering at a retired greyhounds kennels. He does, occasionally, get paid to work some days during school holidays.

When he isn't doing that, as well as the inordinate amount of studying from homework he gets from school, he does Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. He's pretty damn good at it too, holding several gold medals, a few silver and some bronze. That's from many international, national. local and European championships.

So tell me, what should I ask him to give up in order to live up to your expectations?

I already make him save his own money to pay for them.

I do have many stronger words for you but I won't type them here. You are, though, a cactus. Look up the meme.

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