Reply to post: Headline for next week: "A successor to Linux/IRCTelnet?"

A successor to Mirai? Newly discovered malware aims to create fresh IoT botnet

imanidiot Silver badge

Headline for next week: "A successor to Linux/IRCTelnet?"

and so on and so forth. Is anybody really surprised? The genie is out of the bottle. As long as there are so many unsecured IoT devices out there, new nasties designed to exploit them will keep popping up. And with time they will get better and better like their PC based cousins before them. Right now we are seeing the first lower budget/higher risk groups getting into the game. Once the large malware actors get involved we'll start seeing the same kind of high tech nasties we already see spreading around in the PC world. I doubt it'll be long before we see cross platform nasties that can use both PCs and IoT devices.

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