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In an alternate reality if Labor had chosen to use CVC as the principal source of revenue then today everyone on FTTP would have a 1Gbps capable connection. For most people this would be meaningless because almost nothing except the link between the PoI and their home would be capable of sustaining that speed, but the potential would be there. Over time, all the various parts would be upgraded and at off-peak times people could experience the full speed. New services would be developed and the potential of the NBN reached.

Sadly, the reality of Labor's policy is that 82% are connected at 25Mbps. Many on faster plans would be questioning the value because of the congestion issues principally caused by RSPs offering unlimited plans. FTTN & HFC are politically justifiable technologies becaues they deliver what 82% of Australians are asking for. More people are choosing wireless because for low usage it is significantly cheaper. The 1Gbps speeds that Labor announced just prior to the 2010 election aren't available because RSPs cannot sell them at a price that people will pay.

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