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> Now we just have to wait for mathew42 to come and paste his usual slow speed tripe.

By writing 'low speed tripe' it is clear that you've never attempted to understand what I've written, most likely because it is too disruptive to your world view.

The reason I've been pointing out for the past 8 years that Labor's speed tiers are a bad idea and highlighting Labor's prediction that 50% would be on 12Mbps or less on a 1Gbps capable network is because the outcome of that would be bad for the country.

* Low end users will migrate to mobile for a cheaper & faster experience (10GB 4G plans with unlimited calls are cheaper that 12/1Mbps on NBN and this trend will continue)

* Many people will be denied the benefits of NBN (100Mbps+ are required for the benefits Labor outlined in 2010 Corporate Plan)

* 1Gbps would be only for the elite rich (Labor predicted <1% on 1Gbps in 2026)

* Australia's speed ranking would continue to fall as others in the world implement 1Gbps networks without speed tiers

The reality today is worse than what I feared. All of the above have occurred and:

* 82% are on 25Mbps or slower

* 14% have selected 100Mbps and many would be doubting the choice due to congestion

* FTTN network is being built because when 82% (and rising) of voters are opting for speeds that FTTN easily support it is politically justifiable.

* Elite don't care because $10,000 for FoD is less than a cheap kitchen or bathroom renovation, tax deductible and their business will pay

* Zero RSPs are offering plans faster than 100Mbps 3 years after NBNCo made the plans available.

I've outlined a consistent solution for the past 8 years. All you've done is whine.

> I know of over 50 businesses that would kill for a gigabit connection and become serial killers for it to have that speed in BOTH directions.

I've called this statement bullshit in the past and will do so again. If it was that important to the businesses they would either install their own fibre or move to a location that provided 1Gbps fibre. If there was real demand, RSPs would be providing the plans. I'd be very excited to own a Tesla with ludicrous mode, but at $200k I struggle to justify it. The businesses might be interested, but when they look at the cost they have decided not to proceed.

It is the fault of the IT community (including journalists) for not pointing out the short-comings of Labor's FTTP plan that we are in the current situation.

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