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The more layers you add

The more attack surface you have.

The internet in general needs to be fixed.

We need TCP/IP as a layer because the protocols underneath are not routable.

We need DNS because the average person struggles to remember IP addresses.

We need a technical cleansing I think.

Round everyone up and ask them simple questions, bullet to the head of those that can't answer them.

Officer: What version of Windows do you have?

Dimwit: Is that Office?

Officer: *puts bullet in dimwits head*

Officer: NEXT!

Officer: Ok type into the address bar in a browser to open up YouTube.

Dimwit2: Browser? Is that like google? *types into google and clicks the first result*

Officer: *executes dimwit*

Officer: NEXT!

Officer: Plug in this USB drive and run the malware executable on it.

Dimwit3: *installs the malware without question*

Officer: *shoots dim wit between the eyes*

Its brutal and barbaric but it may soon be necessary.

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