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"About 25 years ago I witnessed a classic RAID 5, 5 disk failure. Every day for a week one drive went down and was replaced the next day. At the end of the week the recovery had not quite caught up. Spectacular."

Worst one I ever came across was a small office, single server, RAID card failed. The factory installed firmware version on the new RAID card was incapable of booting on that server model without the RAID card BIOS being updated. There were no other MCA slot machines in the office. Took the card back, got the BIOS updated elsewhere, returned to sire and someone had since "helpfully" pulled the drives from the system without powering it down. Now, I can't be sure if the disks were recoverable, but they definitely were not now.

Luckily for me, only the hardware repair was my problem. IIRC they spent the following week rebuilding and restoring what would likely have been just slower, degraded array while it auto-rebuilt.

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