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If it's anything like most managed racks DC/colo offerings I end up working with (against), it will often be sheer beauracracy preventing the drives being replaced, not alerting. Beauracracy of raising a ticket with global service desk, often using some weird Excel macro form, global service desk routing it to the right NOC, admin shipping a replacement drive, NOC finding the replacement drive in the loading bay after a bit, needing a new ticket to schedule the work, needing a new ticket for engineer access, replace the drive, shipping the drive back, the drive was never shipped back, etc.

When I'm at a company with a facility in or around London I always prefer actually going there. It's a train ticket and a taxi, it's an afternoon out of the office, but it's done in a day. Not two weeks of "to me to you" with overworked underpayed on-site NOC.

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