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And so we enter day seven of King's College London major IT outage


It's bad.

I'm a Postgraduate Research student at KCL. Most of my work is self-directed, and relies on these online infrastructures to be up and running in order to fulfill my duties as a researcher. Not only can I not navigate through the website and click on important information about upcoming workshops, skills sessions, seminars, or contact administrators--I also cannot access any journal subscriptions, find the location of online resources, check materials out of the library, use the printing facilities, book rooms for upcoming conferences, liaise with administrative support, or submit documents for review via the internal grading services. I've asked for a tuition reimbursement for this week, but the admin was expectedly evasive, asking me to "be patient" and bear with them. This is an institutional failure on massive scale--it's not IT's fault, but it certainly points to the signal to noise ratio in the administrative channels that need a thorough overhaul--particulalry where they connect with the highest levels of office at KCL.

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