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" with user permission"

But can we trust them?

They have a HUGE web of data gathering.

They only stopped WiFi Slurp when

a) Caught

b) Android (esp.) & Chrome Browser and Chrome OS help continue slurp of location and WiFi info.

How meaningful are any of their statements.

The insistence on combining cookies, log-in etc on all the Google services (inc Google Doc, Maps, Youtube, Gmail) is totally obnoxious and evil.

They are worse than Facebook before this as Facebook is easily avoided. Google hosts fonts, analytics, javascript libraries, APIs etc for very many third party websites. SHAME ON THE STUPIDITY of site owners promoting Facebook, Twitter, pinterest and using Google services they could host themselves, in many cases the 3rd party sites use of Google certainly breaks the intention of EU dataprotection and cookie law even if legal.

I block all 3rd party cookies. Why is that not the default setting on browsers, they serve no honest purpose and never needed by user.

Noscript is also your friend to block domains.

I'm also a bit fed up with how general searches have loads of YouTube links and image searches have loads of pinterest links (who owns them and it's evil how hard it is to see where the pinterest image is "stolen" from.)

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