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Hedge your bets in a collapsing market with something completely different and extraordinary?

Hmmm? Hi, Thomas Claburn,

Well …. what do you think? Is …. And in the field with fields securing and transmitting intelligence information which is better kept as a closed circle secret for the greater enablement of a chosen few who be able to enable with secret intelligence information, rather than be more widely shared as public general knowledge, is it possible with IT and Media Command and Control to be both the best and the worst thing for happenings to humanity, and at any time and place of their choosing.

If you wear a white hat and deal in nothing but fundamental truths is everything never bad. Wear a black hat and deal in falsehoods and nothing is ever good. And the abiding problem in any dynamic equation is always the human element which be perverted and subverted to server crooked past grand masters in collapsing racist environments. ….. something practically the same and virtually identical to ….. Machine learning, Tableau, and user experience design represented the fastest growing skills on freelancing platform Upwork during the third quarter of the year, a finding that makes sense in the context of the accelerating collection of data and the need to present it.

"Companies are harvesting explosive amounts of data, and demand for machine learning specialists who can build adaptive algorithms and extract the value of this new data is increasing in turn," Upwork said in a statement. ……. albeit with the one operating on a higher plane with more advanced missions running in parallel constructions/time zoned presentations?!.

Or is such a quantum leap in futures secured communications for/with all manner of provisions of comprehensive all party risk insurance and assurance of impunity and immunity from malicious prosecution and accountability and responsibility for future builders, their projects and programs, to be clearly shared facts considered a fantasy being aired and floated to money making markets and agencies practising government in and of the unruly and ignorant and arrogant undereducated masses?

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