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Nate Amsden

as a former exanet customer

Am I reading this right in that Exanet technology will be going to XtremIO for NAS ? It's not as if EMC didn't have other NAS products in house they could of leveraged. Honestly thought Exanet tech was going to be killed off in favor of EMC's existing NAS stacks.

I liked Exanet quite a bit at the time, and haven't found a better NAS solution since that time. Unfortunately for me Dell only has Exanet on Dell hardware, and I am on HPE 3PAR.

I yelled a lot at 3PAR at the time they had an opportunity to buy Exanet(they were partnered with them, which is how I got to use them) but they were too arrogant to go forward with it. HP's NAS solutions do not stack up to Exanet (at least for NFS). Or perhaps re-worded, HP's NAS solutions in 2016 do not match up to what I had with Exanet in 2010. I don't know anything about Exanet since Dell bought them maybe it got worse, though most likely got better.

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