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Me neither. Not sure if most of the users commenting here even use Windows 10. I think it's a very good OS, my personal favorite of the big 3 and much better than Windows 8 was.

I've been using it since day 1, and ran the previews too.

There are Ad's, but they're never obtrusive and can be turned off.

-The lock screen can show ads over the login picture, but they're text based, and are only activated with the Spotlight feature that shows a different bing image each day.

-The start menu will suggest apps to install underneath the Most Used section - it'll only show 1 app and doesn't really get in the way.

-Edge's new start page will show occasional ads advertising MS products - just change your home page to something else..

-Cortana uses Bing - until you change your default search engine to Google

No ad's in any apps, except News/Money/Health - where ad's are expected due to the news sources.

People love to beat on MSFT, they always have.

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