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Faster uploads.

I might not be able to fully utilise 100mbps at present but I could sure take a big bite out of the 40mbps up speed. People go so hard about the lack of need for the download bandwidth but forget it is the upload bandwidth that has the possibly greatest potential at present. Say I have an operating system ISO that a colleague needs. With a 100/40mbps connection I can upload it to him four times FASTER than I can presently download it.

Watched a TV doco a few years back about the potential of fibre in the outback towns. A small hospital has a patient arrive in the middle of the night when all the specialists are off duty. High speed fibre would allow a specialist in a large city hospital or even the other side of the globe to download hi-res scans and diagnose what is wrong. With the advance in "remote robot" technology, this outback patient may even be operated on by a surgeon 2,000km or more away from them. The problem then was the fibre connection the hospital/medical centres in the outback were fully utilised and they had issues even sending a hi-res x-ray due to bandwidth limitations.

Sky Muster I and II are going to bring the remote and very remote regions into the modern world and not have to educate their children via HF radios. Why do people have so much trouble seeing the massive potential of high speed fibre and consistently run with the line of 25/5 is more than I will ever need. Guess they also only need a non STD telephone and not require any sort of smartphone either if this is they way they think.

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