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"For the average suburban property, it would be two hours or less to change over from copper to glass."

"Winged keels" are great until you dig up the first electrical conduit somebody forgot to bury deep, hit the first gas line or run into lumps of concrete and bricks which have been buried in the front lawn as fill. Running under concrete requires the concrete to be sawn and then repaired - reo-mesh is there for a reason, not to simply be cut through at will.

The easy houses are lucky to take 2 hours.or less:

- Drive to site, say 1/2 hour between jobs.

- Greet owner, open pit, set up gear, say 1/2 hour.

- Locate inside termination point of conduit (can you even get to it without removing walls?), say 10 minutes

- Mount NTD and install extended conduit, say 1/2 hour.

- Pull fibre cable, terminate both ends, say 1/2 hour.

- Log job completion, pack up, say 20 minutes.

That's 2.5 hours with all conduits intact before you even strike any complications. Talk to a few installers who actually do this for a living and you'll find that it's a much harder and more time-consuming job than you imagine.

FTTC avoids all this complication of premises work and delivers speeds comparable to fibre. If the infrastructure cost is OK then it's a potentially great solution.

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