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nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway


FTTP has about a 40% take up rate, while FTTN sits at around 22%.

Do you think that turning off copper networks 6 months after RFS in FTTP areas might contribute to the higher uptake ?

I took a straw poll @ work yesterday - and compared results a year ago. A year ago 50% of my students had NO broadband at all due to the exchange being full -literally (and 2 large containers holding kit as well) short of a massive construction project this could not be easily rectified. This area was a natural choice for one of the first rollouts of FTTN (it was not on the first 3 or 5 FTTP year plans) , yesterday only one student did not have at least a 25mb plan that exception will have it by Christmas (financial reasons).

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