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You are thinking exactly like they are!

You are only thinking short term, In 10+ years possibly even less looking at how affordable they are already, People will have UHD tv's and probably in more than one room.

As people ditch cable tv and watch online content that they want to watch when they want to watch it, The access to more bandwidth will become even more relevant.

Home health services / 24/7 health monitoring for older citizens, Online education, The list is endless.

Copper doesn't cut it, It already struggles. There is no way it will handle a larger population who is consuming more data be it for entertainment/work/education/health it doesn't matter.

It's no different than when roadworks makes a new freeway, Only to see they have just made 2 lanes each way when it should have been 3+ for growing suburbs that are right next to it. They always do the cheapest option but it ends up costing more later on to add another lane, Instead of just doing it when the freeway was built.

Ripping up copper and replacing it with "new" copper is ridiculous, The trench is there future proof it by adding fibre optic cable from the start!

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