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nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway


All you have to do is look at NBN's own figures from their 2015/16 report to see the truth of the situation. FTTP has about a 40% take up rate, while FTTN sits at around 22%. While FTTP cost more to install, it results in more customers.There is little point to FTTN if only one in four people are actually buying into it,it somewhat ironically-because it was meant to save money- wastes money. To install it all all these premises, only to have a quarter of them use it! What kind of self defeating business plan is that? It's completely moronic!

Even worse, to bring back Ziggy, the man who almost destroyed Telstra, to work on the project. It's just jobs for the boys, knowing that the boys will blindly kowtow to any decision made by the current government as long as they get their paycheck! The whole Optus debacle is a complete farce, how the hell are they keeping their jobs? $700 million basically throw away an no one gets sacked? I would have been lopping off heads left. right, and centre on the back of that situation. I would have been screaming so hard I would have wound up in hospital from a heart attack, and then prison from cracking so many skulls together!

What is going on at NBN?

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