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nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway


Gigabit not needed, what a load of crap!

I know of over 50 businesses that would kill for a gigabit connection and become serial killers for it to have that speed in BOTH directions. Ok, I over exaggerate the extremes they would go to but they have multi hundred MB files to transfer and the faster the connection the quicker they can get the modified images returned for printing.

Guess the liberal lacky morrow is just spruiking how great it will be to have 25mbps FTTN speeds guaranteed for 1 second every day and the poor old Kiwis will only have 1000/500 speed to 70% of the country. Seems the jokes on them since gigabit is not necessary.

Now we just have to wait for mathew42 to come and paste his usual slow speed tripe.

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