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Nobody needs 1G - now

The question is, will they need it later?

Or more accurately, will they need something above what you can reasonably get with real-world, old copper?

Sure you can get 8 mb/s with ADSL1 and 25mb/s with ADSL2, but I get 5mb/s. 10mb/s would be nice. I'll never get that with copper ADSL, but fibre would.

It would be nice to at least have a mandate which says, "no new copper."

Also, as mentioned, pricing by speed tiering is pretty dumb with fibre. I get it if it was fifteen years ago, and you are putting in more expensive ADSL2 vs ADSL1, but line length is the limiter. Fibre gets rid of that. Charge by data volumes with fibre and stop pretending faster is more expensive, at least up to 100mb/s.

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