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I do wish down voters would elaborate and signify if they be garnered into public reaction because of a simple disapproval or a certain disagreement with either a part or the whole of a comment and contribution to El Reg.

It wasn't me, but it may have something to do with the content occasionally being so hard to process it could justifiably rank as ROT13 encrypted or a vowel enriched variant of Welsh :). The post I'm responding to is quite clear, but the previous one was in places not that easy to parse (edit: the later one is easier :) ).

But I wouldn't downvote for that. I only downvote abject stupidity like supporting Trump without some damn good arguments (and I have yet to see any) *..

* Before idiots start squealing, that doesn't imply I'm for anyone else. However, Trump is not suitable in so many ways that his very nomination was questionable - what is emerging now has been known for years.

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