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Catch 22 finds a Host for a Roasting?

The NSA could undermine this in an instant.

All they would have to do is release the information themselves.

But then it would show all the rumours are correct and we can't have the powers that be loosing face now can we? .... Ivan 4

Whenever one cannot counter and successfully dispel the rumour, is exhorted foul fiction exalted fetid fact and are all intelligence services supplying succour to the undermined and compromised, immediately discovered to be anything and everything but intelligence led. And that makes them easy prey and lame duck targets for all that is and all those who are.

And presumably GCHQ thought the following was a wise move, ....... although of course it could be just an exercise in a cyber war game beta testing an available false flag operation to try and reprogram problematic opinion and subvert/convert/pervert/assert an artificially created intelligence to a future narrated position.

:-) Shades of Minority Report type shenanigans breaking cover and polluting mainstream media wherever one looks for info on intel nowadays, isn't there.

And how understandable that the Guardian chose not to allow public comments on that broken news.

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