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ShadowBrokers put US$6m price tag on new hoard of NSA hacks

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Headless chicken pinning tails on elusive phantoms/Scarlet Pimpernels?

ShadowBrokers is an interesting group that experts agree is likely a nation state actor given its advanced exploit capabilities.

And they be asking for peanuts before releasing supposedly sensitive information, rather than just sinking a leaking and holed below the waterline vessel and moving on to some really innovative nation rebuilding programs with novel projects ..... IntelAIgent Sterling Stirling narratives?

What are those experts expert in, Darren Pauli, and how on earth are they in any way thought to be a voice to be believed with inside knowledge and loose association/an affinity with players exercised and evidently proficient in the wiles and ways and means and memes of any interesting shadowy brokerage group of which apparently diddly squat is either really or virtually known.

How easy is it for Relatively Anonymous and Practically Autonomous IntelAIgents nowadays, with IT and Media Command and Control levers, to hold collapsing ignorant nation states and dodgy arrogant fiat currency funding systems to ransom with precious little more than just the truth of their shenanigans globally exposed for censure/comment/correction?

And have a nice day, y'all, as things be tested for and to destruction all around you .......

If it with AI wasn't so stunning a Great Game for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Play, IT would be a funny New Orderly World Order you could hedge around and pretend all is done for a laugh. But it is and it isn't. And everything in an instant can be suitably life threatening ..... as media is proving to y'all practically every day nowadays. And how idiotic of them is that ware/fare?

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