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IT Evolution

In the beginning was a '0' and the great computer scientist in the sky said "No use let's add a '1' then we can really get going" and it's been a bit down hill ever since then.

IT kit has followed an almost Darwinian path, but instead of it being the fittest wins, it has been the cheapest useful combination of processor\memory\display\comms wins, . with each new technological\enginnering advance enabling a new <ahem> paradigm to take over.

Which is fantastic for the marketeers and Businees Bullshit shovellers.

So we've gone from big iron tended by priests fed by punched cards to terminals to minis to desktop machines to tablets and phones with high bandwidth comms enabling t'internet and bit barns. What happens next? Dunno; if I did i would be sending this from my yacht parked off my own desert island.

But I'll bet it will be a combination of cheap capable hardware with a rearrangement of the current paradigm, The big fear for me of Bit Barns is not so much that the company will go pop but that the infrastructure will be hacked and trashed burning the Barn down.

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