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My my, Pompous Git - with such pedantry you'd *have* to be a barrister! If I'd used "EM waves" instead of "electricity" most people reading would not have understood. And the practical difference between "EM waves" travelling at 3*10^8 m/sec and 2*10^8 m/sec escapes me - the delays are still significant. But I guess you just wanted to show how knowledgable you are :)

BTW, I do agree that having too much "unreliable" generation, be it wind or solar, is a recipe for grid instability, and there are certainly lessons to be learned from this about grid management and black-start capability. Maybe the protection algorithms used by some of the wind farms need to be reviewed. Maybe next time some backup generation should be fired up when really bad weather is forecast.

But please OH PLEASE tell me why you're ignoring the FACT of 22 transmission towers blowing over. My own view is that the system disturbances caused by so many trips to lockout in quick sucession were the primary cause of the system black. Read the AEMO preliminary report and you'll see that the frequency sag was so quick that the automated under-frequency load shedding wasn't able to shed load fast enough to save the network. So to think that a big thermal power station at no load could ramp up to full power in time is laughable. But a big running power station might have been handy to get the network back up again.

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