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Pascal Monett Silver badge

I take that as a rather good sign, overall

If the only thing to worry about is company financials, then the technical side is looking rather good.

Of course, I'm not saying there is no problem. If Amazon folds, there will be major chaos in many companies and that will translate into losing money - probably a lot of money.

On the other hand, with that risk in mind, if Cloudageddon does happen, I think there will be a linup of companies at Amazon's door with checkbook in hand to tide things over until stability can be found again - or at least until they can extract their data and move to (gulp) Azure.

After all, from a business standpoint, what is worse : upping the IT cost by a factor of two or three, or closing shop ?

The only thing I see that is really a risk here is that, if the financials fail, it will likely be sudden. I'm not sure that Accounting is all that Agile.

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