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Mercedes answers autonomous car moral dilemma: Yeah, we'll just run over pedestrians

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Mercedes can't even control their vehicle.

The ADAC (German equivalent of AA) did a test in August of the top cars with automated braking systems. The Mercedes came bottom of the list, it failed to stop completely for pedestrians in daylight, failed to notice a cyclist and failed completely at night.

The winners were Kia, Subaru and VW Passat (the Kia stopping completely for a pedestrian in daylight, nearly stopping for the cyclist and attempting to stop at night, the Subaru nearly stopped in daylight, nearly stopped for the cyclist and stopped completely at night, the BMW failed to stop in all situations, but had managed to drastically reduce speed).

The tests were done on a test track with dummies moving in front of the vehicle at 30mph.

They also have an inflated cushion, which looks like the back end of a VW Touran and is towed behind a car, to test the automated braking at highway speeds. Again, the results were disappointing, with many of the cars running into the back of the obstacle.

Unfortunately only the 2012 test is online and I have thrown out the magazine with the 2016 test report.

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