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Are you shocked that Politicians lie? Have you ever heard the song "Trust me I'm the Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann. Might be a good shout...

If you think the EU is good, take a trip to Athens, see the Job creation machine at work...Then pop into Spain, Portugal, then Italy. Then pop into Hungary and say "Hello". i have lived in Athens for a while, it is heart-breaking so don't tell me the EU is some amazing club of 28 members that gets things done for the good of all? Anyone who is truly liberal, would not place 28 countries above the other 197, like it's some exclusive club and screw everyone else "You don't belong".

I think BREXIT has been commandeered as an issue to coalesce grievances around, things like "Housing problems and older demographics for buying the 1st home, children being poorer than parents generation, corporate avarice, cynicism, the rise of regressive liberalism".

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