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Mercedes answers autonomous car moral dilemma: Yeah, we'll just run over pedestrians

Long John Brass

Won't be a problem

on the bright side, once it becomes widely known that stepping out in front of an autonomous car will result in death or serious injury; pedestrians will become a lot more alert when crossing roads.

Although given that this is already the case & many people still wander blindly into traffic, I won't be holding my breath

As long as the car doesn't rev up and actively try to run me down I think it's all good

Autonomous cars should always do the simplest most obvious thing. Complex moral computations are IMHO a bad idea; you want these systems to always make the choice of least surprise; that way everyone has a reasonable chance of being able to predict what the damned thing is going to do next.

I don't want my car to decide that my life is less valuable than someone else, even less I don't want it to decide that as a pedestrian that I'm expendable; Sure hit the brakes and stop as fast a practicable but I don't want to try and dodge a 2 tone Mercedes on the sidewalk

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