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Do not be so mean to merc drivers

The only time I have seen from up close a driver sacrifice his car and risk his hide to save others was a Merc driver. Two teenage girls were more engaged in chatting to each other then observing the road pulling out of a side street in a 1980-es Ford Fiesta. The guy in the E class was driving within the speed limit (30mph) when they pulled out less than 5 meters in front of him. If he stayed on the road they would have been dead. 2 tons of German steel hitting a 1990-es rusty Pinto relative.

He threw the car into a tree on the sidewalk. The E class was total writeoff and, surprise, surprise, the girls continued down the road without even noticing what happened - they were _THAT_ engrossed in their conversation (someone literally ran them off the road to stop half a mile down).

Thankfully, the guy was not even hurt. He was just very very very pissed off.

So, in Western Europe, you may indeed encounter a human driving a Merc.

Now Eastern Europe... that is a different story.

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