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I was not posting it in jest

I posted this on another thread where I pointed Junior (presently in year 10) to the bits of the Holocaust which are not taught in the British Education system.

Specifically, that the Holocaust was not a "boom, wham, put everyone in a concentration camp". It was a nearly 8 year process prior to that when Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania set it up.

It started by requesting that all relevant government and private companies post full statistics on the Jews they employ (1933-1934). Continued to make wearing the star of David mandatory and the houses clearly marked as well as working in any jobs for the state prohibited. And we know where it went from there.

So, where are we:

1. Houses clearly marked. So far only assylum seekers. How did Martin Niemöller say? They first came for the assylum seekers and painted their doors red...

2. All companies to report employing Jews, sorry Europeans. Hello Gruppenfuhrer Rudd, check.

3. All schools to report if educating Jews, sorry Europeans. Check

4. Goverment to stop employing Jews, sorry Europeans in positions of importance. As mandated by the 1934 Reich Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service" CHECK.

Hmm... I really do not like where that progression is going. Probably time to cut out some yellow stars on a blue background to put on the house - I will be required to do that shortly anyway.

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