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I recently had to fill in the online "school census from this September" concerning my daughter. The introductory text was badly worded and gave the impression, unless you read it carefully, that one was required to answer the questions. In fact, the school is required to ask, but the parents are not required to answer. Then there were two drop-down menus. Being that sort of person, I viewed the page's source, and it was hilarious: nationality options included "Welsh", "Welshman" and "Welshwoman" (three separate options), several obscure "nationalities" appeared more than once in the list, but "English" was mysteriously missing. In both lists there was an "I'm not answering this question" option (I can't remember exactly how it was worded) but it would have been almost impossible to find it without viewing the page's source, so probably a lot of people answered the questions unnecessarily.

If I'd been the school administrator I'd have made "I'm not answering" the default so everyone could just hit "Submit" and have done with it. Though I suppose one could have multiple "I'm not answering because..." options, just to make the results a bit more interesting...

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