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"The Da Vinci Code may well be the only novel ever written that begins with the word renowned"

I read The Da Vinci Code. It was a wet week in Shropshire, the broadband was terrible and the mobile signal was 2 bars on the top of the nearest hill, that's how desperate I was. As literature, it was junk. The plot was probably invented by the IBM buzzphrase generator. The endless repetition of brand names grated. The probability of the events was so low that the average ink cartridge would run out before it had printed enough zeroes after the decimal point. But - and I say this carefully, aware of the likely flurry of downvotes, Stephen Fry has written at least one book that wasn't any better and should be careful what he writes on the subject. There's one about an alternative universe with no Hitler which has plot holes you could drive a galaxy-centre-size black hole through. Douglas Adams was a literary genius - a master of language and ingenuity, fizzing with ideas - and he wouldn't have knocked another author like that. Even Dan Brown.

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