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"The media is hellbent on displaying how Yahoo, Ashley Madison etc have been hacked but they truly hold no interest above and beyond personal embarrassment."

Wrong. They also hold significant interest for tabloids as a) the journalists can "understand" that, and more importantly b) they provide an excuse a reason for the right sort of pictures. In the same way that stories about school exam results seem to feature pictures of smiling teenage girls.

I suspect this is part of the same journalistic "mind" that portrays nuclear as dangerous (because it's hard for tabloids to explain when some of the tabloid journalists can't even spell science) , corporate tax arrangements as immoral (yet when the Guardian did it for years, it was fine), interception of calls/etc by governments as a terrible thing but when newspapers did it that was just a few bad apples, and so on. The word "hypocrisy" is too complicated for most tabloids to use, so why would they need to admit to it?

As for "Angels and Demons" and similar, find the QI in which Stephen Fry describes Dan Brown's "work" perfectly.

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